This video is really different to usual.  II’ve been thinking a lot about new YouTube projects and what to do next and what inspires me to model what I do. There’s no easy answer!

This is a little bit of my thought processes in how I decide what to do in my modelling.

Key things I mention (and some which I cut because I was waffling on far too long) are:

Great YouTube Channels


Luke Towan

Great Layouts and Exhibitions

Troels Kirk


World of Model Railways

Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram




Don’t overlook Google image search.


This kicked off a whole swamp layout!


Penmorfa is required reading for anyone interested in slate.

Dorgmal Snow is amazing inspiration for anyone interested in 1/6 scale modelling.


Real Railways

Vietnam – Hanoi Train Street

Statfold Barn

Sci Fi Inspiration – TV, Movies and Games

Kits – this is Cherno Alpha from Pacific Rim

Tomb Raider


The Expanse

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9 thoughts on “Inspiration”

    1. You are welcome Kathy.
      Most of my inspiration is from books.
      Build a model and decide , what the base will be.
      I use to do 1/6 scale for a few years built some big ones, but as I keep all my models in cabinets, ran out of room to build cabinets to store them. So back to 1/35 scale,just about all are medal winners.
      I have a friend that lives in Kent, been to the gun range when he came last time. Ex British Military. Back to the ideas a good series is The Landscapes of War, printed in Spain.

    2. Hi Jeff

      I like 1/6 scale but I’m only doing figures and a diorama big enough for them to stand on. It’s huge by comparison to HO!

      Books are dangerous – I’ve started so many new projects because a photo grabbed my fancy.



    Great video Kathy…. Inspiration comes from so many places…. I rely heavily on my mental creation. In high school I was an architectural design student in a vocational school. Designing = creativity. Now that I’m retired I can spend more time on hobbies. Getting creativity back in operation. But since moving I’m still trying to unpack! lol…. But for what its worth you can take a look thru my Pinterest pages. I have two railroad boards, one for all railroads and one for British RR, and another for trams and tracks. I have an attachment to British Deltics. Its a shame that british rr have waned over the years. I visited in the 80’s but now only a small percentage of what it was. Even in the US, passenger rr is popular but not what it used to be. I traveled a lot on the New Haven RR when I was younger. It was sad to see its demise as well as all the rest of the US rr. You may find other boards of interest too. Thanks for sharing your creative process.

    1. Hi

      Thanks to the links to your Pinterest boards. I’ll check them out.

      I think it’s interesting that you think British Railways are declining. As far as I know, passenger numbers are rising and at an all time high. As a regular rail commuter, the stock may not look as exciting as the steam era but it runs well and mostly to time. I would much rather take the train than drive.

      Perhaps if you come to the convention in 2022, you’ll have a chance to ride some BR trains again.



    my brit brit board there’s a post on track mileage….two different maps That’s what declined…. trackage… in the 80’s we did London and traveled out of all 5 stations there…. visited Torquay, Exeter, York, Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds… And an overnight sleeper to Scotland on a 125er.

    1. They’re busy building more tracks at the moment. I think British Railways are booming and it’s great.

      I’ve only been to one of those stations so you’re ahead of me and I’ve never been in a Caledonian sleeper either. Funny how visitors often do more than locals.


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