Two Exciting Announcements – GMRC and Patreon

We’ve finally got the date for the Great Model Railway Challenge – Friday 28th September at 8pm on Channel 5, UK.  I have not heard of it being aired overseas so sorry to everyone not in the UK.

It’s been really exciting to be involved in a real life TV show and I can’t wait to see how the show turns out!

In other news, I’ve joined Patreon!

I’ve thought long and hard about whether to do it but with a few months between contracts looming, I thought now was a good time.  Producing regular videos takes up most of my spare time and I still struggle to get everything done in just weekends.  This year I had to drop down the number of videos I did so having regular support would enable me to spend longer between contracts and get more high quality videos produced when I am not working full time.

Patreon works by people donating as much or as little as they want each month.  It’s entirely up to you but it will give you access to exclusive videos and if you donate slightly more, goodies!

If you want to support me with producing videos then please head on over to Patreon to find out more.


7 thoughts on “Two Exciting Announcements – GMRC and Patreon”

  1. Well good luck Kathy,sometimes being too commercial,can be a bad thing.
    Loses the Human appeal.



    1. Thanks Jeff

      You’ll still be getting me on the videos! I promise not to lose my humanity.

      I understand that it’s a change but hopefully, this will enable me to put out more free videos out for everyone to enjoy. I’ve had to drop down in number this year but a little bit of support will enable me to get up to a more frequent schedule.

      We can but hope!


  2. What channel is it on? Maybe the program can be watched on the web. Good luck with your Patreon experiment. Are you offering bonus material or other goodies for sponsoring?

    1. Hi Wally

      It’s on Channel 5. Not sure about the web as I live in the UK.

      I am offering goodies dependent on the level you sign up at. You can see what’s on offer by checking out my Patreon page.




    Thanks Kathy for update. Nice to hear you are improving your life. I will be subscribing, but please keep your videos personal to me one to one, anyway I think you know what I mean, best regards, Davis


    Hi Kathy, thanks for update. Nice to hear you are improving your life, please keep the new videos personal and friendly like now. Regards David

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