Great Model Railway Challenge Trailers are out!

It’s exciting to see that the Great Model Railway Challenge trailers are out on Channel 5.  I came into work this morning and everyone had seen me on TV over the weekend!

It’s going to be fun!

Tune in 8pm, Friday 5th October on Channel 5, UK, to see the show!


10 thoughts on “Great Model Railway Challenge Trailers are out!”


    Looking forward to watching this. Already got a series link set up. Interesting to read the interview you gave shown below on Instagram too. Mary Berry indeed! 🙂 I’ll avoid the obvious joke..

  2. Looks good but be not available in the US, as a lot of YouTube.

    Have a great time.
    And whom is Mary Berry? LOL


    1. If you don’t know Mary Berry then I do recommend googling her. She’s been a TV cook for as long as I’ve been alive and is a thoroughly lovely person.



    Hoping I can do a bit of Voodoo and catch them via the inter of webs. Personally having 250 channels and nothing ever on to watch begs the question. Just how many channels are there in the UK sphere?

  4. Looking forward to the Great Model Railway Challenge….at last I can get my revenge for being made to watch cakes being made!…

  5. This is incredible! Being in India, I don’t think I can watch this live, but will have to find a way to find it on the internet. This should be a lot of fun!

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