Great Model Railway Challenge: Movies

This week on the Great Model Railway Challenge, the Missenden Modellers, Porthcawl Model Railway Club and Strangers on a Model Train built some amazing layouts based on movies.

Behind the Scenes Photos

Final Pictures

What did I learn?

More toys and gadgets caught my eye and I bought a Cordless Bosch Glue Pen for hot glue (  I don’t generally use hot glue but this had more control and is great for foam.

Another key feature of the week was using forced perspective backdrops.  They look amazing and don’t need to take a huge amount of space.  I’m thinking about how to incorporate them on my next layout.

If you want to find out more then check out the following book: Creating a Backscene with Paul Bambrick & John Ellis-Cockell.


[Edited – a few people got in touch saying they were surprised I hadn’t heard of forced perspectives.  I didn’t make myself clear enough did I!

I love forced perspective and one of my favourite layouts is an essay in forced perspective – BA Bodil:

Also that year at Warley (2013) was this forced perspective layout:

It’s fascinating how perspective works and how nothing can be exactly square for it to work successfully.

I’m also planning to use an N-scale barn on my layout to show the depth progression – it’s been half painted for several years!

What I hadn’t seen before that Missenden did was a 3 foot deep urban forced perspective scene starting with a printed backdrop in several layers of cutouts, lit with LEDs. In front of that was 5 rows of terraced houses starting from a relatively small scale all the way up to 100% scale. These were also lit. It was a tour de force and no matter what people are saying online about Missenden, this was truly gifted modelling by Andrew And Barry, its creators.

So there we go, forced perspective done very differently to most other layouts around!]

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5 thoughts on “Great Model Railway Challenge: Movies”

  1. Nice deal Kathy, but no pics of you, were you hiding off somewhere?
    Maybe too busy buying stuff.
    Looks like a great show.
    A lot of work , no way to build it before hand?
    That hot glue gun looks different.
    Cheers from the US.

    1. I’m taking the photos! I rarely seem to have any of me in them.

      It wouldn’t be much of a show if everyone brought in completed layouts and just assembled them on site so they are allowed to bring 6 prebuilt models plus some track already laid.

      The hot glue pen is awesome and I use it a lot now.


  2. Thanks very much for the kind comments and the book mention, Why not bring your latest project idea to Missenden Abbey and see what goes on in the other classes. I’m told the Spring weekend is now open for bookings.


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