How to Model Washing or Laundry Lines

How to Model Washing or Laundry Lines

I love adding layers of detailing to my structures and washing or laundry lines are a simple detail that can be added very easily to your layout or diorama. I show 3 different methods which you can use.

Check out for photos of washing lines in New York in the 1900s.

The Final Result

Tools and Materials

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4 thoughts on “How to Model Washing or Laundry Lines”

  1. Nice work Kathy, I remember it well growing up in Manhattan, we had the deals out the side windows , and Mom would hang the wash, but sometimes one would fall , and boy well , she got bent out of shape over that. LOL


  2. The washing lines look great, I’m glad I’m not the only person to have used cocktail sticks as line poles.

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