3D Printing Iron Man 5

The saga continues… and this week is not pretty… First up, the masking tape wouldn’t stick so I used some Mr Masking Neo Sol which was great but it took me several attempts to put it on neatly… Painting iron man is much harder than printing him!

If at first you don’t succeed…

Here he is with a test coat of masking in place.  One reason I’m painting the heads rather than plastic spoons is to see what the challenges on this particular print are.

I know it’s blurry but I love the alien face-hugging look!

So far so good so now onto the paint.  I’m not certain whether to paint the red next or the gold so I’m doing half one way and half the other.

I used a 10 drops Tamiya Smoke, 20 drops Tamiya Clear Red and 30 drops Tamiya lacquer thinner mix and sprayed it.

Yep, no matter what light I look at it in, it’s still orangey.

Still orangey and this is with two coats on.

Even against a plain wall and it’s orange plus the inset lines aren’t evenly covered on some of the heads.

Just keep trying…

So I’ve tried a number of things since then:

Adding purple metallic underneath:

Hmm, more maroon but one to remember.

I did another coat of red Tamiya on one of the first heads:

It is an improved colour but the finish is now so gloss it’s losing the metallic. I’ve ordered some more Alclad coloured paints to use instead but am still waiting for them…

I did spray some Tamiya Titanium Gold which I think I quite like.  Finally, something I like in this paint job!

Finally getting somewhere…

After a long wait, more Alclad paints arrived and I did some test paints and here are the results:

Tamiya on the left, Alclad on the right.  I’m going to look at them in daylight which means tomorrow…

Which are your favourite colours for Iron Man?


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2 thoughts on “3D Printing Iron Man 5”

  1. Looks like you are a dang good painter Kathy, and with more patience then me.
    Looks like you are on the right path.
    I like the suit in Iron Man III ,which was on last night, plus Iron Man II.
    Will keep an eye on what you get done.
    Hate to throw this out there, but Gunze Sangyo, also has enamel colors.
    Mr Metal color.But I do think Alclad would be better.



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