Great Model Railway Challenge Water Diorama

Great Model Railway Challenge Water Diorama

At the end of one heat’s filming, they asked me to bring something to show off how water was done for the following week’s heat.  I built 6 dioramas at 3 different stages of completion but in the end we only used the finished diorama.  It was great fun being challenged to build a small diorama in 3 days.  The resin takes 24 hours to set so it was all about timing to get everything dried before I had to take it with me to the next heat.

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The “Real” World

It’s vital to start off with photos from the real world or you just won’t be able to model convincingly.  This stream is a real inspiration for me and I love using it in my models:


The Final Result

Tools and Materials

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2 thoughts on “Great Model Railway Challenge Water Diorama”

  1. Again looking good.
    Nice work Kathy.
    There is a model shop that has some good stuff in PE and very well priced.
    Actually comes from Hungary.
    Let me know and will let you in on it, in 1/72 scale and 1/35 scale.
    Might be a tad large for HO scale though.
    But even the 1/72 scale is good in 1/35 scale, as no plants are born full size. At least the ones I have seen.

    1. Hi Jeff

      Thanks for the kind offer. I prefer laser cut leaves in these scales as the thickness of the brass looks wrong to my eyes. I also struggle to get it to bend in a realistic manner.

      I think my favourite leaves are from over that way too.



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