Warley 2018

This weekend was Warley Model Railway Show.  Warley is the highlight of my modelling calendar and is the largest UK show.  This time, I barely got to see it as I was busy with the Exec Producer, Pat, from the Great Model Railway Challenge plus I was on a stand.  I still got to spend a lot of money and met so many great people.  I even signed my first autograph!!

I barely took any photos and this is all of them!  Sorry as it was a great show and I haven’t done it justice.


6 thoughts on “Warley 2018”

  1. Really great to finally say hello in person, I’m flattered to see my Stub point and partially complete restoration of Pete Wilson’s incline model in your gallery. The second incline cage went on about an hour after you took that picture, so it ran “properly” for the first time in over 20 years. Now I just need to get the rest of the layout done!

    1. Tim

      It was great to put a face to the name. I did like your stub point and am looking forward to trying my own. I’ve never thought of 3D printing one so am inspired!

      The incline was beautiful and I’m glad to hear you’ve got it working properly again.


  2. shearer101@virginmedia.com

    Hi Cathy
    Likewise it was great to meet you in person. One thing that I forgot to thank you for was your postsabout good ideas from the show. I was moved to buy a Bosche cordless glue gun and was amazed have much more I used it. I ended up designing (and laser cutting) a small stand for it – it helps to keep the tip up when not in use – and included a little compartment for the glue sticks – a fun little project. I also added bootlace ferules (and crimper) to me electrical box – and fantastic tip.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you give us out here.

    1. David

      I learnt so much from the show and you are so right, once you have a small cordless glue gun, you use it everywhere!

      I’ve yet to use the bootlace crimps but wiring is coming soon on my micro layout (perhaps not as soon as I would like!).

      Glad you enjoyed the show!


  3. You caught me at an odd serious moment when interviewing Pat. Probably just after someone tripped over our tripod and then walked in front of the second camera!

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