Modelling with Snow Pastes

Modelling with Snow Pastes

The final products I’m testing for modelling snow are snow pastes.  These are pre-mixed pastes that you apply where you want snow.  There’s a huge range of textures, colours and finishes so there should be something out there to model the snow you want.

Some of the previous videos have also covered snow pastes so please check out these as well:

The Final Result

Here’s the snow pastes we saw from Noch and Deluxe Materials in previous videos:


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2 thoughts on “Modelling with Snow Pastes”

  1. Great as usual Kathy, all I guess depends on what scale as you say.
    There is a guy in Hungary , that uses white glue and the old way of Baking Soda,but as he says a barrier must be applied between any organic material, or the mixture will turn yellow. I noticed on all of yours not a problem. But then again he uses real stuff , Wheat Bran, and real wood , for a few items.
    Waiting to see more,Thanks for posting .

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