Lapworth Locks

I decided to base my upcoming snow and ice diorama on Lapworth canal locks, near to where I live. There’s loads of water, some moving, some not, space for snow and structures to ice up. It should all be beautiful but of course, there’s no snow there now and there may not be for years…

Before I start adding ice, I need to build the diorama base and a key part of that are the blue brick walls. I’m doing a set of videos on how I cut the walls from foam so thought this was an ideal time to publish some photos.

It’s lock 16 on the Northern Stratford-upon-Avon canal and dates from over 200 year ago. If you want to find out more, check out these websites:


Here’s a selection of the nearly 200 photos I took.

Winter Photos

I popped out in January to take some scenery photos but still no snow.  There was a new rack on one of the paddles but all very much the same:

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