3D Printing for Modellers – Resin

3D Printing for Modelling – Resin

The first 3D printer I bought was a resin one. It does detail beautifully and is a game changer when it comes to modelling.

I’ve used it for so many detail parts and it is very versatile. Resin is a little more difficult to use than an FDM or filament printer but the extra effort is worth it.

In the pictures below I’ve compared my prints to a Shapeways print that I bought – mine are green, the Shapeway strong and flexible are white and the frosted ultra detail (FUD) are slightly translucent. They’ve changed all the product names since I bought these… I think my prints hold up well and I am really pleased how they come out.

You can see the file I printed here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3379192

Thanks to Tim Williams for that file.

The Shapeways ones are here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/CESU55U2T/009-dinorwic-wooden-slate-wagon?optionId=60346035&li=marketplace


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  1. Thanks for this blog. I bought my Photon S 2 weeks ago and just did the first test print. Watching your video helped fill in a couple of gaps in my knowledge.

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