Snow and Ice Diorama – The Base


Snow and Ice Diorama – The Base

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Every good diorama starts with the same way with a firm foundation!  I always use foam as it’s easy to carve and manipulate and is lightweight.  I normally top it with a layer of sculptamold before moving on the scenery proper.

You can download my STL files for the lock gates and paddles if you are website subscriber.


I start all my dioramas the same way:

  1. Base Foam
  2. Build up foam layers
  3. Sculptamold layer
  4. Base paint layer
  5. Specific Scenery

The “Real” World

You can check out the original photos here.

The Final Result

Tools & Materials

The Amazon links are all items I have either bought or bought something similar for myself. Clicking on any links to Amazon will give me a small affiliate income which I use to produce more videos. Every little helps!

  • Fusion 360 – 
  • Craft foam – 
  • Insulation foam – for your house from a DIY store
  • Ponce Wheel
  •  Hot wire tools
  • PVA glue
  • Wire brush to roughen any smooth foam surfaces 
  • Sculptamold
  • Black emulsion (latex) paint – I used masonry paint from the DIY store
  • Lock gates – if you are a website subscriber you can download here
  • Bricks from these videos:
  • Deluxe Materials Create and Shape  

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6 thoughts on “Snow and Ice Diorama – The Base”

  1. Great Segment.

    A couple of tools I’ve found good for working with foam is an electric carving knife (usually used for carving turkey or ham similar to Proctor Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife ) for your larger cuts. You can usually find one second hand. The other tool is the Stanley Surform Shaver for doing slopes.
    I use Liquid Nails Projects for gluing. I’ve found that tacky glue tends to lose its bond on foam after a period of time.

    Keep up the good work…


    1. Peter

      Some great tips there. I love the idea of the carving knife. I have the surform but am always worried about the mess it will produce so I never use it.

      I wonder why white glue would lose its stick on foam over time? I’ve not found it but I typically have other layers of scenery holding every together.

      Thanks again


  2. I never have had the glue let go neither, maybe the foam he is using.
    The place here in the states makes their own white glue for Foam.
    Most craft stores sell Foam glue also.
    Nice deal Kathy.

  3. If you have a hand surform, you can either make a holder for, or hold a vacuum cleaner hose behind it while you are using it. very little mess.

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