Model a Beach Scene


Model a Beach Scene

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It may be wet, cold and windy outside but inside, it’s scorching hot and sunny, on my beach scene at least…  This was a nice quick and easy diorama to bring a ray of sunshine in after all that snow…

I wanted to use Shaper Sheet which is a Woodland Scenics product that looks incredibly useful.  It lived up to expectations and I will be using it again – especially where I want to model resin water as it has the advantage of being completely watertight which hopefully means no leaks.

The Final Result


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4 thoughts on “Model a Beach Scene”

  1. Just watched this great video again and realised this man has found an lovely empty beach to self isolate on, with his best friend. Great!!!

    1. You’re right Kathy how things have changed in the last week. Let’s hope things turn round sooner rather than later.
      On a lighter note I guess I will have time to have a go at another Petite Properties kit. I think that I could get hooked on building them, maybe they should come with an addiction warning.

    2. This hobby should come with a warning – addictive, you will wander around on holiday taking photos of rust and decay and measuring obscure items!

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