Ultra Realistic Grass Diorama – Memories of the Lake District

Memories of the Lake District

When Noch approached me about doing a sponsored video using their new Grasmaster 3.0, I immediately thought of one of the grassiest places I knew – the Lake District. There are so many types of grass and reeds as well as other vegetation. I looked through my holiday snaps and found this photo from a holiday in February in the Lake District. This is a lovely time of year to visit with few crowds but variable weather. I was able to use this photo as the background behind my diorama and it has a painterly feel to it…

Lots of lovely grass to model!

Finished Photos


The Amazon links are all items I have either bought or bought something similar for myself. Clicking on any links to Amazon will give me a small affiliate income which I use to produce more videos at absolutely no extra cost to yourself. Every little helps!


Picture Frame. I used A4 but any size would work. https://amzn.to/2HvZNE8
Blue/black Craft Foam or Insulation Foam https://amzn.to/2yj0rN7
Foam Factory Hot Wire Tools https://amzn.to/339iwOn
Sculptamold https://amzn.to/2PvJuKT
Peco Code 80 OO9 Streamline track https://amzn.to/3mX4KWJ
Tile Grout – chocolate brown https://amzn.to/339jLx1
Woodland Scenics Talus – various sizes from extra coarse to fine
Fine https://amzn.to/2y6jQ4r
Coarse https://amzn.to/2G4vFiM
Extra coarse https://amzn.to/2HDmIO1


Isopropyl Alcohol and Water mix (1:2) https://amzn.to/2BJh6OR
Matte Mod Podge and Water spraying mix (1:5) https://amzn.to/3hALfQO
White Glue and Water dripping mix (1:2) https://amzn.to/2ouvu3O
Spray bottles https://amzn.to/3bkLcVo
White/PVA glue https://amzn.to/2Tx8aU5

Black Wash – check out the recipe here.


I used the brand new Noch GrasMaster 3.0 60110 which has just been released.
Noch 2.5mm Summer Meadow 08310 https://amzn.to/3ixuRB4
Noch 6mm Golden Yellow/Beige Wild Grass 07083 https://amzn.to/3kpezuw
Noch Grass Glue 61130 https://amzn.to/33CU2Ma
Noch Landscaping Glue 61141 https://amzn.to/32Bv80r
Vallejo Iraqi Sand Paint https://amzn.to/3kSYkWN

Plastikote Hobby and Craft Sealer https://amzn.to/2G77pfV


Noch 6mm Brown Wild Grass 07082
Noch Brown Flock 07225 https://amzn.to/3ieHoIx
Vallejo Military Green 70.975 https://amzn.to/33b1TBP


Woodland Scenics Talus – various sizes from extra coarse to fine
Fine https://amzn.to/2y6jQ4r
Coarse https://amzn.to/2G4vFiM
Extra coarse https://amzn.to/2HDmIO1
Tile Grout – chocolate brown https://amzn.to/339jLx1
Noch Reed Assortment 07060 https://amzn.to/2G9mNbE
Grass Tufts XL “Meadow” 07027 https://amzn.to/36h1sb0

Resin water – I used Magic Water as I had it in the cupboard but it is getting expensive in the UK. It is my favourite as it is slightly rubbery but I will be experimenting with some quicker setting newer resins the next time I need to buy more. Resin water is the best for rivers with visible beds in my opinion because it does not shrink as it dries and it is self levelling.

River Rocks

I painted these with artists’ acrylics:
Neutral grey https://amzn.to/31Fsd57
White https://amzn.to/2EL3HYM
Yellow ochre https://amzn.to/33dOEAe
Terre Verte https://amzn.to/3jnzKxe


Minitrains industrial HOe set
Driver from Noch 15107 set
Flat Yellow XF3 https://amzn.to/2sy9Hho
AK Interactive Worn Effects https://amzn.to/34a3JSC
Vallejo Military Green 70.975 https://amzn.to/33b1TBP

AK Interactive Wood Set Volume 1
Burnt Umber https://amzn.to/3jayJbB
Middle Grey https://amzn.to/2G7c9lJ

Ammo by Mig Oilbrushers – you can buy individually or in sets.
Earth https://amzn.to/3iiFOFX from the ground colours set https://amzn.to/3cA4wQM
Light Flesh https://amzn.to/3mXRvVY from the flesh tones set https://amzn.to/30f1JHK

Turpentine https://amzn.to/2HH6R13 – you’ll get it much cheaper at the DIY store!

Mig Productions Dark Wash – was out of production for years so try Ammo by Mig Panel Lines Wash instead. https://amzn.to/2EFUmSb

Mig Productions Pigments. Again out of production for a long time so try Ammo by Mig instead.
Concrete https://amzn.to/2S2KdC0
Factory Grey https://amzn.to/3mSPqKZ

AK Interactive Engine Oil https://amzn.to/3cHlGfd


Noch Hikers – 15870 https://amzn.to/2S41Q4e
Variety of Vallejo paint colours
Army Painter wash set https://amzn.to/3blJFhV

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