Mini Spacemen – Pot of Gold at the end of a Rainbow

Mini Spacemen – Pot of Gold

I fell in love with these mini spacemen when I saw them on Instagram on Roman Lappart’s page. At just 15mm high, they are part of the Massive Voodoo Challenge 2020. You just need to create a diorama with a mini spaceman on it. The spacemen are resin casts from Mr Lee’s Minis. I bought a set of 3 and started planning. I came up with 3 dioramas and this is the first to be finished. It’s based on a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The main decision was how to make the rainbow…


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3D Print Files

I designed the pot of gold in Fusion 360 then Blender. You can download it from Thingiverse here.


First I primed with Halfords Black Matt Automotive Spray Paint.

I used Vallejo model colour paints to paint the pot:
Light Turquoise 70840
Intense Blue 70925
Followed by Tamiya Clear Varnish X-22

I painted the coins with Alclad Pale Gold

Any brown paint will do for the base as it doesn’t show by the end.


I used Noch products as I had them on hand but there are many brands that would work as well.
Grass Glue
Grasmaster applicator
2.5mm Summer Meadow
6mm Wild Grass


UV curing resin from Green Stuff World. No affiliate, just satisfied.

Fluorescent pigments for nails from eBay as I only needed small amounts. Green Stuff World sell them too.
Acetate sheet

I also got the UV torch from Green Stuff World and you can check out my UV curing station build here.

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