The Mandalorian – 3D Print, Paint, Enjoy

The Mandalorian

I love the Mandalorian series and I wanted my own! Full size was a bit beyond me so I 3D printed then painted an 1/8 scale figure which is about 9″ high. This was so much fun to do – even the sanding was therapeutic. It often feels that my job (which this is) has very little modelling in it but loads of video editing, writing and accounts. This was an excuse to spend long hours fiddling over small pieces – pure joy!


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3D Print Files

Files from Gambody (not affiliated, just satisfied).

Printed on my Peopoly Phenom.

If you want to know more about resin 3D printing then check out this video.


First I primed with Halfords Black Matt Automotive Spray Paint.

I used Alclad products for the metallic parts:
Alclad Black Primer & Microfiller ALC-309
Alclad Gloss Black ALC-305
Alclad Stainless Steel ALC-115
Alclad Chrome ALC-107
Alclad Aqua Gloss ALC-600

I used a mix of Lifecolor, Vallejo and Tamiya colours for the rest of the paint – just what I had on hand. I was pleasantly surprised by the Lifecolor, I had a blacks set, many of which were browns and blues. If like me you already have more than enough paints, then stick with what you have. If you need to buy some paints then try a basic Vallejo model colour set, they are the best all rounders in my opinion.

A couple of colours are worthy of mention:
Tamiya Gloss Black X-1 – perfect for Grogu’s eyes
AK Interactive Dark Steel pigment – for not so shiny metallics
Lifecolor liquid pigments – there are loads more sets available

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6 thoughts on “The Mandalorian – 3D Print, Paint, Enjoy”

  1. KATHY MILLATT, I love your work!
    This model for some reason is not available to my country (Brazil).
    Can you make available in other site so that I can buy?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Daniel

      Thanks a lot!

      Unfortunately, this isn’t my model and I’m not linked to Gambody so you’ll need to get in touch with them directly to ask for the model.

      Good luck


  2. As I was looking for videos of The Mandalorian figures, I saw yours. Your rendition of the Mandalorian figure was great, I like it very much. Are you also selling your creations, I am very much interested?

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