The Mandalorian Tatooine Diorama with Speeder Bike and Stormtrooper Heads

Tatooine Diorama

I printed and painted the Mandalorian and now it was time to build a diorama to put him on. This Mandalorian tatooine diorama is over 3′ long and fits on the top shelf of some new bookcases I have for displaying my dioramas. I wanted to incorporate the speeder bike design from Gambody as well as a few iconic Tatooine features, such as the canopy and those stormtrooper helmets on spikes and buried in the dust.


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3D Print Files

Speeder bike files from Gambody (not affiliated, just satisfied).
Stormtrooper helmets from Prusa ( and I used the supplied blender file to ensure all the accessories and bits were printed in one file.

Printed on my Peopoly Phenom.

If you want to know more about resin 3D printing then check out this video.


First I primed the bike with Halfords Black Matt Automotive Spray Paint.
Then I changed my mind and used Tamiya Fine Grey Primer on the bike itself

I used a mix of Lifecolor, Vallejo and Tamiya colours for the rest of the paint – just what I had on hand but I do have a large stash!
I also used a mix of Mig Productions’ washes – I have had these for years and they are still going strong – and I used the dark, brown and neutral washes with white spirit as a thinner and cleaner. Ammo by Mig now has similar products as do AK Interactive and many other suppliers.


Blue/black Foam
Beige Tile Grout
White Tile Grout
Sand from a DIY shop
Decorators’ PVA but any thin PVA or white glue would do

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2 thoughts on “The Mandalorian Tatooine Diorama with Speeder Bike and Stormtrooper Heads”

  1. Silly idea re the speeder bike mounting .

    Two large magnets of the same polarity , one in the base and one on the underside of the bike should make it hover . Secure in in place with guy ropes to stop it floating away ??

    1. Richard

      Given the weight, the current rod is the most sensible mounting by a long way. It is firm and won’t give way or droop. It also gave me something to hold on to when painting the model.

      A lot of people suggested magnets but when I have tried holding things up with magnets, I find they fly off each other. It would therefore need far more than two magnets, one above the other, as the front and back would likely tip with that arrangement. There would be no ability to put them in anything but a straight line down the middle due to the shape.

      This is very heavy and it would need quite a few guy wires to hold it over magnets. I suspect by the time I have guy wires in all directions including the front to hold it, they will also be quite visible.

      Overall, I’m much happier with my firm mount following my problems with Mando smashing. At least I know it isn’t going to come flying off from 6 foot up to a very long drop down!

      Thanks for the suggestion.


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