Four Seasons Oak Tree Diorama

Modelling the Seasons

I have always been intrigued by the changes that seasons bring to the world around us but capturing that in model form has proved tricky for me. Winter has always been fun but I had a disastrous encounter with autumn last year. It took many attempts and I was still not happy with it. One issue is that photographers like to pump up the colours and the UK is more a season of browns and yellows than strident reds. I was determinedto get the autumn colouring right this time!

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Tree Wire Armature
28-32 gauge florists’ wire
Brushable Latex Rubber – I got mine from SmoothOn
Ammo by Mig Tracks Primer – a brown primer saves time
A range of Tamiya and Vallejo acrylic paints that I airbrushed through my Iwata Eclipse Although I have linked to Amazon, I bought mine from in the UK and have found them very helpful with great support. If you are in the UK, please check them out.

Winter Tree
Noch Grasmaster
WWS/Peco Layering spray
10mm WWS Patchy static grass
Noch Snow Paste Ref. 08752

Spring/Summer/Autumn Trees
Woodland Scenic Polyfibre
Brown Polyfibre – I’m going to be honest, I have no idea where this came from but I do have a sneaking suspicion that I dyed some white quilt polyfibre myself…
WWS/Peco Layering spray
Woodland Scenics Coarse Turf Light Green
Noch Brown Flock 07225
Noch Light Green Leaves 07142
Noch Mid Green Leaves 07144
Noch Autumn Foliage Set 07168
Noch Reed Assortment 07060
Chamomile Tea Leaves (straight from the packet) and some very old freeze dried basil.
Plus a range of paints to colour the foliage.

Noch Grasmaster
WWS/Peco Layering spray
2.5mm Noch Spring Meadow grass 08150
6mm Wild Grass Meadow
6mm Golden Yellow/Beige Grass
Noch Snow Paste Ref. 08752
Noch Snow Powder Ref. 08750

Scouring Pads
6mm WWS static grass
10mm WWS Patchy static grass
Noch Light Green Leaves 07142
Noch Mid Green Leaves 07144
Noch Autumn Foliage Set 07168

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