Star Wars – The Clone Wars Dioramas

Star Wars – The Clone Wars – Final Scenes Dioramas

These last two scenes of the Clone Wars are so poignant and emotional and I wanted to capture that feeling of desolation and loss in model form. With the Bad Batch coming out on Tuesday, May the Fourth, I rewatched the last series of the Clone Wars and it is just as emotional this time round as last time… If you are into Star Wars and haven’t seen the Clone Wars then you are missing out on some excellent story telling and characters.

I ended up with 1/24 scale to fit in the figures and the backdrop. I would have liked larger figures to do the detail a little more easily but I also wanted that feeling of openness that the scenes have.


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3D Print Files

Ahsoka Tano Face:
I used the face from this print but did the body myself in MakeHuman and Blender to get the right clothing for these last episodes. I printed her on my Elegoo Mars and it is very fine detail in places; probably a little too fine.
I also designed the backdrop in Blender and printed on my Prusa Mk3S.

Clone Trooper Phase 2 Helmet:
I filled in the centre then cut out a hole for the spikes.

Darth Vader
I removed his lightsaber and swapped it for Ahsoka’s. By the time I’d put glue on there to hold the LED in place, not sure it really showed.


The LED is a replacement Tungsten light filament and I got the tip from Boylei Hobby Time. If you haven’t seen it, then go check his amazing channel out.
I bought mine from AliExpress.

I have moved to using USB cables to get the power in and this seems to work well. I added a micro usb port to the back which was easier than soldering a cable in and leaving it hanging if not in use. As it supplies 5V, I added a 100 ohm resistor in series to ensure I did not blow the LED.


I used what was on hand so mostly a mix of Tamiya and Vallejo colours on the figures plus artists’ acrylics on the base.
I used my homemade wet palette that was ok but not brilliant and most paints dried out over a couple of days.
Halfords Matt Black Automotive spray paint
Tamiya fine grey surface primer
I did use Motip Spray Putty as well but I’m not sure it really showed that much.


These used most of my normal products:
Wet Water
Isopropyl Alcohol and Water mix (1:2)

Matte Mod Podge and Water spraying mix (1:5)
Matte Mod Podge

Taupe Tile Grout by Larsen
I found a 3kg bag but have nearly used it all up as it is one of my favourite colours.

Precision Ice and Snow
Krycell Snow in Fine and Extra.
Sieves for sprinkling
They have some brilliant products so please do check them out.
(Disclaimer: they did send me some free stuff but I had already bought the snow I used on this and it is awesome!)

Final Photos

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  1. Would you mind sharing where to get the file you used for the base? (6:22) If you made the file yourself would you happen to mind sharing it with me? Thank you! Looks amazing!

    1. Hi Ethan

      I did make this myself and I haven’t currently put the file anywhere for sharing as it needs some tweaking before putting out there for the public.



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