Model Realistic Rivers – from Rubber and Glue

I made a Realistic River from Rubber + Glue

One of my patrons is allergic to resin and asked if I knew anything they could use instead for a river scene. I had this Rubber Glass sat on the side for a future underwater project so decided to give it a go. Pouring an unknown product all over a diorama is perhaps a bit mad but it worked with only a few problems…


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The river is Rubber Glass by Smooth-On. An alternative is Encapso K in the same range. I buy mine from in the UK.

The glue is ClearFix It’s a hybrid polymer.
Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow
White Spirit
Tamiya X-22 Clear

This also used most of my normal products:
Wet Water
Isopropyl Alcohol and Water mix (1:2)

Matte Mod Podge and Water spraying mix (1:5)
Matte Mod Podge

Taupe Tile Grout by Larsen
Brown Tile Grout

Noch Applicator
Noch Grass Glue
2mm spring grass

There are two South River Modelworks’ kits in the background: Threadwell Textiles and Ware Knitters. You can see my previous work on it here.

Final Photos

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