How to Model Ultra Realistic Roads

How to Model Ultra Realistic Roads

In this video, I show you how to make model roads using plaster and paint. It is very easy to come up with realistic results with just a few simple steps. I have struggled with plaster roads in the past as I have never managed to get the plaster right. This time I used the Woodland Scenics’ learning kit and the foam tape provided sets the plaster at a perfect height. Once the base is down, painting and weathering bring it to life.


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The Woodland Scenics’ learning kits are excellent for trying something new. I used their road kit:
Don’t forget to add masking tape under the foam tape to stop it sticking too much. You can buy more of the foam tape as a draught excluder like this:

Artists’ acrylic paints:
Warm Grey
Buff Titanium/Natural
Burnt Umber
Heavy Body White
Selection of Vallejo colours for the yellow, orange and red markings

Dark Earth by Mig
Dark Steel by Vallejo

I bought this set of sponges for painting and the brush came free. It’s excellent for pigments:

Final Photos

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  1. Try easy fill from British gypsum ( plasterboard jointing compound) just gradually add water no lumps no shrink no air bubbles and is so easy to sand unlike most fillers.It is also very smooth

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