Tomb Raider Underwater Escape Diorama

Tomb Raider Underwater Escape Diorama

Tomb Raider is one of my favourite video games and this is based on many of her underwater scenes. I wanted to show her escaping the inevitable bad guys whilst swimming towards the next tomb…

This uses rubber water which is great for encapsulation. I hit a couple of snags but overall, it is much easier than the equivalent resin as it does not heat up and you can pour the whole cylinder in one go.


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3D Prints

Ramesses from ScanTheWorld
Soldiers of Fortune
Lara based on game assets on Render Hub: and
Rib from Zodiac Pro 5.5 (1/32 Scale) by Viper1200
Outboard from Cobra Night Landing (GI Joe) by Jabberwock


Encapso-K from Smooth-On. I bought from Bentley Advanced Materials in the UK – not sponsored, just a satisfied customer. They spent a long time on the phone chatting me through the various options.

Other Materials

Gloss Mod Podge
Beige Tile Grout
Various acrylic paints by Vallejo

Final Photos

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