How to Add Awesome Fog to your Models + Build Your Own Fog Machine

How to Add Awesome Fog to your Models + Build Your Own Fog Machine

I try to model dioramas with atmosphere and fog or haze is a perfect way to show them off. You can do it afterwards in Photoshop but it is just as easy to add fog into the models themselves.

Parts List

Check out this PDF Parts List:

Vape Tank – you only need the top part of a vape which is relatively cheap.  This includes the heating element that creates the vape “fog”.
I used one with a 1.8Ω  rating.
These use around 4-5V but I used a 3V power supply to avoid over heating.

Ebay Description:  KangerTech® CE4 Clearomizer eGo E-Cigarette Vape Tank 1.8Ω (1.6ml)

Small air pump – used to push the fog through the vape.  I only had a 12V one which I ran at 5V but you can buy a range of voltages to suit your power source.

Ebay Description:  DC 3-6v Small Mini 370 Motor Air Pump Oxygen Pump DIY Aquarium Tank

Power – I used a micro USB plug and converted it to 3V for the vape using these two items:

10Pcs DIY Male Connector/MINI MICRO USB to DIP Adapter 2.54mm 5pin Female Connector B Type USB2.0 Female PCB Converter USB 3.0

5Pcs/Set AMS1117 Step-Down Power Module, 3 Pins 5V to 3.3V Buck Module Voltage Regulator LDO 800mA

Vape Liquid – you can use glycerine or a nicotine-free vape liquid.

Tubing – to connect the fan and the vape.  Mine came with the fan but aquarium supplies should have the right tube.

You will also need to be able to solder the parts together.

Final Photos

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