Model a Realistic Jungle Waterfall using UV Resin and Snow

Model a Realistic Jungle Waterfall using UV Resin and Snow

I show you how to model a realistic jungle waterfall with UV resin, polyfibre and snow! No waterfall would be complete without Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider, hanging from a branch, waiting to plunge to her doom below…

The vegetation was generously supplied by Fabio from Diorama Presepe and looks amazing – go check out his website:t:

Final Photos

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2 thoughts on “Model a Realistic Jungle Waterfall using UV Resin and Snow”

  1. Utterly brilliant. I always watch your videos when I’m looking for inspiration. I also look at Luke Towan, Papercuts, Luke of Geek Gaming and a couple of other in your league. I find your tutorials the best to listen and watch. I feel like I’m in your classroom at a school. I almost hang on your every breath and word, weird but true. !!!
    Anyhow, “with or without snowflakes”, either way, they look brilliant but I’m favouring the snow flakes. I’m going to revisit my waterfalls and try it out myself, on a less conspicuous one first.

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