The Ultimate Dagobah Swamp Diorama

The Ultimate Dagobah Swamp Diorama

I love the idea of swamps, dank, dismal and unknown creatures lurking just below the surface. It’s no surprise that I have wanted to model this Dagobah Swamp scene for years. I was first inspired by FichtenFoo’s Dagobah diorama (

This is a summary video of the Dagobah Swamp Build – not the livestreams but an under 20 minute summary. If you can’t be bothered to wade through countless hours of livestream then this is the video for you! If something a little longer is your thing then check out the full playlist:

STLs used:

I used this body because he has put his jacket on in the clip:
but I added this head in Blender:
I mashed it all together and printed in once piece

I have a slightly more detailed version of this:
I can’t find the one I downloaded but they’re all from the same original design.

X wing
I printed this file at 1/48 (133%) but did put the two wings together first in Blender and have not printed all the internal workings.

Final Photos

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