Corrix the Lava Moon Update

I am excited to tell you more about my new Kickstarter – Corrix the Lava Moon – coming in a month’s time.  It is all about lava terrain!
Orbiting a distant gas giant in the Severna star system, Corrix hangs as an angry black and blood red moon.  Its lava factory is notorious and it is rumoured to be the hide out of a dark lord.  The natives are unfriendly, the sentry droids programmed to kill and the landscape deadly but your latest mission takes you to its lava strewn surface…
Ignite your tabletop adventures with Corrix: The Lava Moon Modular Terrain and Lava Factory Set – a volcanic collection of 3D printable terrain files, allowing you to bring a lava landscape to life from the comfort of your own home printer!  With everything you need from terrain tiles, area terrain, buildings, scatter and details; you can build a complete lava themed board from this set.
The KickStarter is for 3D print STLs to print at home and is aimed at 32-40mm games.
If you are interested then sign up for the pre-launch and you will know as soon as the campaign goes live.

The KickStarter will include:
Lava Terrain Tiles – everything from lagoons to streams – available as OpenLock tiles or as area terrain to go over a battle mat.
Lava Keep – somewhere for your dark lord to hang out.
Overhead Lava Bucket System – add some interest without hindering gameplay with the bucket system – can be put up on gantries or on the table.
Geysers, Barrels and other Scatter

Factory Floor Tiles – available in 3 options – plain, grill and slotted plus with or without handrails – available as OpenLock tiles or with edges to create factory areas on a battle mat.
Factory Lava Tiles – channels for flowing lava including equipment to process it – paint it differently for options other than lava!  The equipment is also available separately to use as scatter terrain.
Stackable Gantry System – available in 3 options – plain, grill and slotted plus with or without handrails – also compatible with Shatterpoint walkways.
Video Game Inspired Pack – shortcuts (ingress points), climbable walls and wall run sections to make access even easier. 
Factory Tanks and Pipework – usable outside on the lava terrain too
Factory Rail System with Sleds
Light up Base for lava that really glows!  (LEDs not included but very easy to add)
And the stretch goals are just as good!
Mini bases, light up geysers and tanks, plus lava waterfall end boards to make your table look even more amazing.
Check out this video to see my lava terrain including the light up base to make the lava glow: