One Week to Go!

One Week To Go!

I had no idea just how much was in this Lava Kickstarter until I started painting it all this week…  There are so many models and I am really excited to share them with you.

The Dark Keep looms over the lava terrain and I haven’t put on most of the models yet!
There is a long list of models to tell you about:

Terrain Tiles

Corrix includes two sets of terrain tiles: lava terrain tiles and a lava factory.  All the terrain tiles can be used to build an entire modular tabletop using OpenLOCK clips – if you print in clear filament you can even light them from beneath.  Check out my Lava video playlist for ideas on how to paint them.

If you prefer to create smaller pieces for a battle mat or diorama then they come with edges you can clip to the tiles to finish them off.  Whether you want lava rivers or streams, pools or falls or even factory lava channels, there is something for every lava battle mat.

Lava is not just orange so you can also use the tiles for any viscous liquid such as radioactive waste or sludge.

Rock Outcrops

No lava table is complete without tortured rock formations spewing lava…  These come in a variety of heights and you can even add a tea light to the larger flowing lava ones.  

Dark Keep

Brooding over the shattered lava landscape sits the Dark Keep.  The optional base is modular so you can make it sit high above the battles below or use it as a building in the thick of it.  The top levels are separate if you want a smaller version.  You can also print without the lava channel for use on other terrain boards.


The modular gantries are perfect to add height to your lava table.  Not only can you build them up for multiple levels but there are a variety of options including slotted, grill or plain tops and corner or centre legs. There are four optional handrails or you can leave the slot open to attach a Shatterpoint walkway.   

Game Inspired

This set adds elements from some of my favourite video games.  Why use a simple ladder when you can use cables hanging from cranes, climbable walls or even lifts (elevators)?  If you want to know where to go then the handy Jump Here markers will tell you.  You can even wall run with three options – one with a gantry for minis.  Two are free hanging from cranes (with the shorter being less than an advance in Shatterpoint so you can use it as a horizontal ingress point).  Plus if it all gets too much, take time to meditate.
Rail Conveyor System

Add some flavour to your factory with a rail conveyor belt – the sleds move and come with a range of potential components but to personalise them, you can add your own to a sled.  Alternatively, put the sleds directly on the ground as if they float with an anti-grav field.

Overhead Bucket System

Add an overhead bucket system to your table to create a thematic scene.


All this lava can be difficult to cross so you can add pipework bridges, fallen cranes or gantries to get across your lava rivers and channels.  As a bonus, the pipes can act as light cover barriers too.


No lava table would be complete without scatter such as lava skiffs (useful for crossing your lava rivers), barrels, turbines, tanks and equipment.

Mini Bases

We have also included some mini bases on lava and factory themes.  These are suitable for both support-free FDM and pre-supported versions are available for resin printing.

Light Up Base

Lava is crying out to be lit up so we have included the files to print your own base to add LED strips beneath your lava table.

Epsilon Bomber

We have partnered with 2nd Dynasty to bring you an exciting add on – the Transport Delta featured below – but they have also included their Epsilon Bomber in the core pledge.  This bomber looks right at home on a lava themed board but will fit in any sci fi universe.
We’ve saved the best for last… we have some amazing add ons to tell you about too.


We are very excited to announce that Dark Fire Designs have designed a set of lava themed miniatures specifically for this KickStarter!

Transport Delta

Updated just for this KickStarter, this add on is an entire playable spaceship by 2nd Dynasty.  It’s perfect for games close quarters skirmish or RPGs. I upscaled my version to 35mm and it is beyond impressive!
The last paint jobs are drying and hopefully the display will be finished in tomorrow…  I just ran out of clips of the end lava falls today…

As you can see, this is so large, it won’t fit on any table I own!  You can easily print smaller sections to create your own lava themed terrain or diorama.

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Have a great day everyone