But Does it Play Well?

One thing I have to think about all the time now besides – does it look good? – is – does it play well?  I designed some great rocks for the lava Kickstarter and they are big chunky line of sight blocking heavy cover.  However, you can’t stand a mini on them…

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After some thought, I realised that I needed to make them useful as well as decorative – hence playable rocks.  These ones can take a Shatterpoint walkway or attach to the gantries.  You can even get a squad on top!

Shatterpoint is a fun game and needs height to play well.

One of our amazing add ons is the Transport Delta – it has a fully playable interior.This is the Transport Delta by 2nd Dynasty .  They have a new campaign launching tomorrow for Traveller Small Craft but this is one of their classic models.  This design is scaled for 28mm with a playable interior but I printed at 125% to get to Legion Scale and it is big!  It’s a beauty though.

I really meant to finish painting this before I went live but time got away from me so I am finally getting around to it. So far I have spray can primed, dusted with a light spray can coat, pre-shaded and painted a light grey base coat.  Next up is probably more sponging as I do like the finish it gives to break up the layer lines on a large flat panel.

This model is so large it won’t fit in my airbrush booth in one piece!