Severna Spaceport

It’s been a while since the last email and in that time, the last Kickstarter has finished – thank you if you supported me – and I am already working on the next one provisionally scheduled for February next year.  It is a spaceport heavily influenced by both Star Wars and Starfield.  I may have played many days’ worth of that over the last couple of months… and it is research!

Why a spaceport? 

I put up a poll page on my website:

The results were initially highest for a spaceport but eventually a space station won out.  I am still working out in my head how to do terrain that is playable for the games I play and would work with a space station that is mostly a lot of corridors… so I started on the spaceport as I know exactly what I want to do with that and it fits neatly with my first Kickstarter – Modular Landing Pads.

As you can see, there are a lot of potential Kickstarters on the list and I hope to get to them all over time.

I have already made inroads on a few of the buildings.  There is a utility building, a checkpoint imperial post, a control building and control tower.

Also coming are the typical things you might expect:  passenger terminals, cargo terminals, scatter and clutter plus a comms centre, warehouse and fuelling facilities.  This is the bit I love – creating a whole world in miniature!

The control building.Each building has two options:Solid building for ease of printing and speed.  These have no interior but print in as few pieces as possible.Fully modular building which has a playable interior but takes a lot longer to print and is a lot more pieces!All the signs will come in both English and Aurebesh so the buildings will fit into many potential galaxies.

There’s so much more to do so I will keep you posted!

As it gets to the end of the year, I also hope to turn my attention to modelling in the real world – I have a few shelf queens that really need to be built plus Thunderbirds for the Livestream.  So much to do and so little time!

I also couldn’t end without letting you know that you can get my models on MyMiniFactory and they are currently on the Black Friday sale.

Have a great modelling week