Looking Back and Looking Forward

Wow! Another year gone!  

Thank you so much for all your support over the last year – my chats with people, comments and feedback mean so much as I now work on my own!

I don’t know about you but I find it easy to miss all the projects I completed in a year and when I look back, I am normally pleasantly surprised. This year was no exception and I am looking forward to finishing some ongoing projects in the new year.

I started the year expecting a full time job as a Creative Director of a new miniature wonderland model railway on Oxford Street in London but their funding was delayed and it didn’t finally come through until May/June.  In the meanwhile I ran my first successful Kickstarter – the catchily named Modular Landing Pads – and had to weigh up a full time job with overseas travel versus ageing parents and a handicapped sister.  Family won hands down and I am really content in my current job as a 3D print designer for tabletop games.


One thing I wanted to do in 2023 was finish off some shelf queens and despite putting them in a project planner, at the end of the year I was only able to tick off one of my 13 items and I added on a few more so I start the year with 20 items now!  It’s good to have goals and the trick for 2024 will be balancing my ongoing full time Kickstarter design work with a full list of modelling.  Hopefully I will find a balance that delivers YouTube videos as well.

Looking back I did manage to release 19 public YouTube videos and 2 Kickstarters.  I am also most of the way there designing the third Kickstarter – Severna Spaceport – coming February 2024.

Next time, I am not printing in white as it is so hard to photo!  This is most of the buildings for the Severna Spaceport Kickstarter.

Transport Delta – updated files coming very soon if you backed through the last Kickstarter
I hope your year has been full of modelling fun and as you look back, you are also happy with all you have learnt and achieved.

Thank you for your support and see you in 2024!


PS if you want to chat to me – the best way is through Discord – https://discord.gg/Zx7yAc42DsThis post was originally published on Kathy Millatt Modelling.