The Spaceport is Painted!

I always get fed up of grey when I do sci fi models and spaceports are no exception… if I never see another grey building…  I’ve added in splashes of orange but by the end, the cargo just went yellow for some relief!

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Better photos will follow but here are some quick snaps of the finished modelsThe painting process is quite simple as there is so much to do and a video is coming as soon as I edit it.

First I spray 2 coats of spray putty – I prefer the Motip brand.  This is readily available in the UK and Europe but not so much in North America.  If you can’t get it locally then filler primer is a slightly less dense alternative.

I used Tamiya Fine Grey Primer as the primer and colour coat.  I chose it because it is slightly lighter than the Halfords grey I normally use but also has a nice sheen to it that makes applying the next coats easier.

I masked off some areas using Tamiya masking tape and spray painted an orange for relief from the grey.


Now for the weathering, first, I sponged a greige – that’s a pale grey/beige on the edges and details to highlight them.  This is blotchy and also draws attention away from the inevitable layer lines you get with FDM terrain.

I then added a thinned dark grey acrylic paint everywhere I wiped it off in the direction that weathering would flow.  This emphasises the details and shadows plus adds weathering at the same time – win, win!

The next step was to use Army Painter speed paints to paint any details and I even used their new metallics which worked well.

I airbrushed the “neon” signs and lights with a white/grey and then fluorescent blue or yellow/orange.  That seemed a bit dark so I went over the signs and lights themselves with a light coat of the white again.

With that, I was done…


Next up is painting the Moonhopper and taking some decent photos!

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