One Week to Go until Severna Spaceport goes live!  

Welcome to Severna Spaceport: Your Gateway to Galactic Adventures!

Severna Prime lies in a remote system at the edge of the Outer Rim and eventually all travellers must pass through its spaceport.  A bustling port that has seen better days, it still provides everything a traveller needs…

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3D printable Spaceport themed terrain STLs for sci fi 28mm – 40mm tabletop games, wargames and RPG.

Here’s a sneak peek of the pitch video –  a few minutes showing off most of the models (I always do way more than I can show…)From space traffic control to communications arrays, fuelling and servicing facilities, passenger and cargo terminals, plus tonnes of detail scatter, you will have everything you need to print an entire spaceport.

Every bustling spaceport needs a range of control buildings and towers plus communications arrays to reach far beyond the planet’s surface.

I also want to share with you the free gift that all newsletter subscribers receive as part of the campaign.

The Holograph Screens can be shown on the consoles or free standing.  I painted mine in fluorescent blue paint.

You will be getting an email from MyMiniFactory to ask you to redeem it.  In the meanwhile you can get immediate access to the free gift via Google Drive by clicking HERE

That’s it for now!

Have a great modelling week


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