Severna Spaceport is Live!

You can back the Severna Spaceport Kickstarter now!:

3D printable Spaceport themed terrain STLs for sci fi 28mm – 40mm tabletop games, wargames and RPG.I am really excited about this Kickstarter – I started it back in October and I hope I have everything you might need to build your own spaceport!

Designing something from the ground up is always a challenge so I tried to corral the models into 5 areas:Space Traffic ControlPassenger TerminalCargo TerminalFuelling FacilityServicing FacilitiesThere’s a wide range of buildings, terrain and scatter in each of these areas.

I just released a video on painting Severna Spaceport which shows off how I paint FDM terrain – especially buildings and structures:
 That’s it for now!

Have a great modelling week