The Moonhopper Space Taxi | Print | Paint | Play

No spaceport would be complete without spaceships and Philipp at gamesART has given the Moonhopper modular space taxi to Severna Spaceport backers for free.  It is designed for 28mm RPG and sci-fi tabletop games and has a playable interior.  It makes the perfect transfer from the space port to your hotel – or pub!

You can back the Severna Spaceport Kickstarter now!

3D printable Spaceport themed terrain STLs for sci fi 28mm – 40mm tabletop games, wargames and RPG.

The video is here:

I have printed this in both 28mm and 35mm (scaled up 125% in the slicer) and it looks great in both.

The 28mm is a good size for the tabletop and has plenty of playability even in a 35mm Star Wars Legion game but the chairs look small against the Legion minis I have here.  If you ignore the chairs then everything else scales fine!

35mm is much chunkier and more like a bus than a taxi but you can use the interior with the bigger 35mm minis.

I am happy with either and will happily use them both!

That’s it for now!

Have a great modelling week