New Shop Opening Discount

I have added a new way to buy the 3D print files from my Kickstarters – Gumroad.

You can already get my files through MyMiniFactory but it never hurts to have another way to get hold of them.

My very first campaign – add a landing pad to your tabletop or diorama with a wide variety from desert rings to hi tech hexes.

Corrix the Lava Moon features everything you could need for a lava themed table or scene.

Severna Spaceport – I may have gone a little overboard on how much I did for this campaign!

I appreciate that a whole campaign terrain set can be daunting in both price and the amount to print so there also smaller packages of models to make it more approachable.

To celebrate I am giving a discount for the next week of 30% off all items in the shop.  

Just go to Gumroad and use the code:



Offer ends 9th April so don’t miss it!

Best wishes