Severna Spaceport – 24 Hours Left!

I can’t believe there are only a few hours left until Severna Spaceport finishes!   I counted up the models I printed and painted and there are over 80 buildings, structures and pieces of scatter.  With all the modularity – that means so many more are possible.   

Last Change to Back Severna Spaceport Kickstarter!

3D printable Spaceport themed terrain STLs for sci fi 28mm – 40mm tabletop games, wargames and RPG.
I can’t choose the thumbnails but this is how to print and paint the Moonhopper Space Taxi.
This is an overview of the spaceport.
Plus this is painting the spaceport – 80 models worth!
It’s been a really fun set of buildings and accessories to do and I hope you have as much fun printing and painting as I have!Thanks for your support and if you haven’t backed yet – it’s not too late!