Galactic Racers Coming Soon

Will the racers take their positions on the start line please!  The starting line up for the pod racers is now finished – 4 racers and their pilots ready to print:

The starting line up is complete!

All printed in FDM at 0.1mm.  I am currently working on resin supported versions.

There are four racers:  Bully Bullhorn, Craw Sonic, Bob Jester and Ad’ika.  
Can you guess which of these pilots goes with which racer?

I also have a tonne of Terrain planned such as start line, pit stop and lap counter.  There will be pit crew minis and details too.  This will be going live mid-June so loads to keep me busy until then.

I do need to decide what the free gift will be so if you have any ideas then please let me know.

You can find the Kickstarter pre-launch page here:

Please share and sign up so I can think about adding loads of stretch goals too!

Best wishes


An early stretch goal – every racer comes with a sand dune base but this rocky one changes it up a bit.