Galactic Racers

My next Kickstarter is coming along at jet speed!  

It will probably be out in June as I also need to design minis as pilots but I am currently working on my 4th galactic racer.  

Set in a galaxy far, far away where the outer rim is home to dangerous races using jet engines and a sled.  Countless bets are made and fortunes won or lost on the outcome of each race.There will be 4 racers in the main offering plus a couple in the stretch goals too.  Alongside that you will be able to buy the pilot minis on their own or with the racers.  

I also need to do a little bit of terrain such as the start/finish line and the lap counter.  Stretch goals will include obstacles for the race and perhaps a battle mat race track.

“Bully” Bullhorn’s racer is one of the largest and he is known for his acts of sabotage…

One challenge has been upping my game on designing miniatures.  They are something I have done before but I am not quick at them yet!

The first three have already been tested at 0.1mm layer height in FDM but I do plan to support and print them in resin too.Bob’s racer was the first I designed as I already had designed the engine as a bit of “fun” back a few years ago.  There were some real challenges getting everything to attach at this size – which seems large and dauntingly small all at the same time.  The worst bits were the connectors joining the sled to the engines but I ended up redoing the supports and power couplings a few times too.
I am currently working on a young lad’s racer that you will all recognise when it is done!

In other news, I added a page on where to buy physical prints of my Kickstarter files from:

If you have a merchant licence from me and you don’t see your name listed then please just drop me a line with your shop details and I will add you.  If you want to buy a merchant licence to print yourself then they are available on MyMiniFactory under each campaign.

I also put a page dedicated to my 3D designs from the Kickstarters:

Best get back to adding a helmet to little Ani…

Best wishes