The Models are Painted!

It’s always exciting to see your models come to life and painting them makes all the difference.  I now have a complete set of painted racers – both FDM and resin prints.  I am really pleased how the FDM printed at 0.1, even when compared to the resin, and FDM is slightly more robust which is a plus point.

I am still working on stretch goals so the Kickstarter will go live next Tuesday.  You can sign up here to be notified when it goes live:

The rocky base (left) is an early stretch goal but the sandy base (right) comes in the core set.  The left hand model is printed in resin and the right hand one in 0.1 FDM. Both worked well and I used a very bendy resin so the connectors wouldn’t snap.  It was actually too bendy and can’t hold the weight of the models on the stands so I printed them in FDM.
All the racers come in a seated pose that fits in their racer plus at least one standing pose.  The resin figures come professionally pre-supported.  After my first attempts, it seemed best to get an expert in!
I really love posing photos with these terrain pieces – you can even fly through the arch.  They are painted with rattle cans and covered in a dusting of tile grout for that final desert look.
The pit stop is a mini scene and comes with repair droids to help keep your racers in top condition.

You can find the Kickstarter pre-launch page here:

I am spending this week working on the stretch goals – which are always fun – and today’s job is crashed racers and a small hooded creature…

Best wishes

Bully Bullhorn may be the firm favourite but will he win your race?