New Video – Recreating the Pod Race

This video dishes the dirt on how I produced the pod race video for the Galactic Racers Kickstarter.  You can use the Kickstarter models to do the same yourself:

We’ve also been unlocking stretch goals – these are fun extra models that sit alongside the main Kickstarter sets but only unlock when certain levels of funding or social media have been reached.
I need your help to unlock the social stretch goals – all these are still locked!
You can unlock the social stretch goals in 4 ways:100 Kickstarter Comments – includes comments on updates – 59/1002000 YouTube Pitch Video Views – 1345/2000 Facebook Launch Post Likes – 37/200 Instagram Launch Post Likes – 43/200
These are the pit stop bases.  I am slowly test printing all the FDM stretch goals:
If you want to create your own race at home then back now!

Best wishes