Who Am I?

I’m Kathy Millatt and I love modelling – big and small!  

I model railways, sci fi and anything else that grabs my fancy and my first love is scenery.  I also love sharing what I do through this website, my YouTube channel or Instagram.

I’m a contributing editor for Model Railroader Video Plus with my Let’s Make a Scene series.  I have also been featured in Model Railroader and Railway Modeller.

More recently, I’ve been a judge on the Great Model Railway Challenge, a UK TV show featuring model railways built in just 24 hours – a real challenge.

About Me

I’ve been modelling railroads since I was a child but got back into the hobby in 2000 when I went on holiday and saw a permanent model railway exhibit. It reminded me of playing with trains with my Dad when I was younger. He had Hornby Dublo 3 rail which we got out every Christmas; it even found a permanent home for a while before homework took over the desk. My main memory is that my white lines on the road were about a third of the road width and my major scenic element was sand. Hopefully I’ve moved on from that!

I started with a UK layout based on the railway outside my house before moving on to modelling the United States. I chose the New Haven as it has all my favourite elements: grotty industrial, beautiful scenery, fast trains and local branch lines. It’s a beautiful part of the world and I’m a sucker for those stainless steel fluted side coaches!

It’s been quite a journey with forays into On30 and sci fi as well as obtaining my Master Model Railroader from the NMRA in 2014.

Outside of modelling I enjoy gaming and movies plus travelling with some recent trips to South Africa, China and Vietnam.  All of which is great inspiration for more models…

My Layout

I’m modelling the New Haven in the 50s (and sometimes the 30s because I like steam).  It takes my favourite bits and fits them into a 12′ square triple decked layout.

Work is ongoing…

“The merciless maven of model railways”

Great Model Railway Challenge

(Yep, I had to google what a maven was too…)