Who Am I?

I’m Kathy Millatt and I design sci fi terrain 3D prints for a living.

I have been modelling for over 20 years (not counting my early flirtations as a teenager) and have moved through model railways, sci fi and anything else that grabbed my fancy but my first love has always been scenery.  

Now I am able to combine my love of scenery with design work, modelling and gaming!  I currently sell my work through Kickstarters and my store on MyMiniFactory or Gumroad.

I also love sharing what I do through this website, my Discord channel, my YouTube channelInstagram or Facebook.

In previous modelling lives I have been a contributing editor for Model Railroader Video Plus with my Let’s Make a Scene series.  I have also been featured in Model Railroader and Railway Modeller.

I’ve been a judge on the Great Model Railway Challenge, a UK TV show featuring model railways built in just 24 hours – a real challenge.  My layout, Port Dinorwic, was also featured on Hornby – A Model World.

I have also written a book – Building Realistic Model Railroad Scenery.

My Story

When I was a child and young adult, I wanted to be an astronaut.  I grew up on a diet of Dr Who, Blake’s Seven and Star Trek.  That love of sci fi has stayed with me for my whole life although the idea of being cooped up in a tin can for real space travel has put an end to my dreams of travelling the stars in person.  Now I just do it in miniature…

I started modelling railways as a child but got back into the modelling hobby in 2000 when I went on holiday and saw a permanent model railway exhibit. It reminded me of playing with trains with my Dad when I was younger. He had Hornby Dublo 3 rail which we got out every Christmas; it even found a permanent home for a while before homework took over the desk. My main memory is that my white lines on the road were about a third of the road width and my major scenic element was sand. Hopefully I’ve moved on from that!

I started with a UK layout based on the railway outside my house before moving on to modelling the United States. I chose the New Haven as it has all my favourite elements: grotty industrial, beautiful scenery, fast trains and local branch lines. It’s a beautiful part of the world and I’m a sucker for those stainless steel fluted side coaches!  It’s been quite a journey with forays into On30 as well as obtaining my Master Model Railroader from the NMRA in 2014.

Alongside railways though, I built a series of sci fi dioramas reflecting my love of Transformers, Halo, Star Wars and Tomb Raider to name just a few.  In recent years, the sci fi side has grown and eventually become my full time job.

Outside of modelling I enjoy gaming (tabletop and video) and movies.  All of which is great inspiration for more models…

My Job

I started my working career as an accountant because my degree in biology didn’t really lead me anywhere.  I was never in love with being an accountant though and I always thought of it as my first career, not my only career.

After 25 years, I decided it really was time to jump ship and I went into content creation.  I wrote a book, did some YouTube videos and eventually started designing terrain for tabletop games.  I love creating a whole miniature world out of vertices, edges and faces and then watching them come to life with 3D printing.

I have found my true passion and love the combination of design and practical modelling.  My first Kickstarter was the catchily named Modular Sci Fi Landing Pads, quickly followed by Lava and a spaceport.  I am now working on building up my offering in the sci fi terrain arena.

Creating a whole sci fi star system, one Kickstarter at a time...

Beyond the civilised sectors of the galaxy lies the outer rim and one small star system within it – Severna. There are planets and moons with diverse environments from icy wastes to hot lava, cyberpunk cities and terraforming colonies… Despite being a long way from the more populous systems, Severna is thriving…