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  1. Hi, Kathy..!!
    I just discovered your blog. I could listen to and watch your clinics all day.
    Wonderful stuff.
    Best regards,

  2. I saved the scale ruler and had a thought (happens occasionally). I have some clear sheets that you can print to with either inkjet or laser. They are actually for overhead projectors so you can make ‘slides’ (not sure what the term is). I am thinking that I can print the scale ruler to one of those .. spay some clear to protect the inky side.

  3. I left you an email yesterday before subscribing. I hope you received it. Looking forward to listening to your clinics.


    1. Hi Jerry

      Thanks a lot for subscribing.

      I’ve only seen the one comment I’ve already responded to about where the Brightlingsea Boat Builders is. Sorry if I missed another one.

      What was it you wanted to ask?


  4. Hi Kathy!

    Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous work and insights! Terrific and inspirational!

    I’m really encouraged by your excellent videos and love watching your scale self enthusiastically showing us all your beautiful modelling,

    Thank you so much!

    Every best wish
    David McLaughlin

  5. Kathy,
    So glad to have found your site. I have been fiddling with my layout for years…. I have a bit more time and am looking forward to doing some of your scenic ideas, and so much in your blog! Thank you

  6. Dear Kathy
    I just came across your site by looking at other layouts,via youtube,and what I see on some of your tutoirals makes me want to work harder to improve some scenery techniques for my n scale layout. I do have some Tufts from Heki,which I;m using alot of their trees also. So I’ll for sure check out that video and see how you do it,then maybe try it for some foreground scenery on the layout. looking forward to seeing more of your vids,keep up the good work
    Danny dube

    1. Thanks Danny!

      I love looking at other people’s work as it always inspires me to try new things, do better and generally to get out there modelling.

      Thanks for commenting.


  7. Hola, escribo desde colombia, he tratado de hacer maquetas con grama pero aca no encuentro en ninguna tienda grama estatica, necesio ayuda para saber de que material esta elaobara para intentar hacerla yo mismo. agradezco su ayuda por favor, urgente!

    1. Carlos

      Static grass are short synthetic fibers but I have no idea what to recommend I’m afraid. Perhaps someone else here can help?

      I visited Colombia for 8 weeks in 1993. It was a beautiful country and I had a great time.


    2. Carlos, Look at the November/December 2016 issue of our O Scale Resource.
      The cover article is by Santiago Pineda who lives in Bogotá. if you want to contact me through the Website http://oscaleresource.com/ I can share his Email and you can see where he is buying his material;. I suspect knowing Santiago much of it comes from America. (Sorry Kathy for the shameless plug but there can’t be a whole lot of modelers in Colombia 🙂

  8. Hi Kathy
    I have been following your YouTube channel for a long time – it is inspirational! So, I thought that I should join your blog. I look forward to your future videos. I model the early BR era, living in the East Midlands I am focusing on the Great Central (I am part of their volunteer infratstructure team and so have lots of access to line side structures to give me the real world pictures – a great help).

    1. David

      Great to hear from you. I hear the Great Central us really impressive but I must admit I’ve never been there. You can’t beat real lineside structures though!

      Thanks for subscribing.


  9. dianeandjerry2005@comcast.net

    I had to change my password. It was no big deal. very thing seems to be running just fine.
    Sure do enjoy all your posts and the blog.


  10. Just discovered this hobby and your wonderful site. Are there any good books you’d recommend for a newbie about making buildings or scenery? Thank you.

    John M

    1. Hi John

      Welcome to the hobby! There’s so many good books I’ve built up over the years but I would recommend looking at the Kalmbach ones as they have a range of topics aimed at beginners, albeit US in outline. For scenery, Gordon Gravett’s books are exquisite.

      I personally prefer video so you can see what everyone is doing and Luke Towan’s channel is the best.

      Hope that helps and good luck.


  11. I just discovered you blog after enjoying your “Let’s Make A Scene” Vids on MRR Video.

    The scale with this “issue” is pretty cool . . . unfortunately Kathy is only about .75″ tall – in the largest picture . . . I am assuming O Scale 😉

    I gather I am not doing something right in printing it.

    My plan is to print it on cardstock (I use a fair bit of that in experimenting with buildings for my On30 logging/mining/seaport layout) and then laminate it.

    Any help with printing it to scale would be greatly appreciated.

    DLC in AZ

    1. Dale

      You need to make sure your printer is not scaling it to fit but printing at real scale. It prints right for me when I do that.

      Glad you are enjoying the MRVP videos. I was just recording one today.


  12. Hi,
    could you please advise the programme that opens Brother Scanncut Leaf Templates Adobe etc will not work?
    Many Thanks

    1. David

      It’s the file for the Brother Scanncut machine.

      It’s a cutting file specifically for the machine. You can edit it on the machine itself or through their online software, canvas.

      Hope that helps.


  13. Just found your video on making scaled vegetation for models using the Brother Scanncut. It was brilliant. I have a Cricut Air and I never thought to use that to cut out shapes for the vegetation and working from there. Both machines work the same so you tutorial was so easy to follow.

    Will be looking through the rest of your videos to see what other little tips I can pick up. Already watched the Halo vegetation one which is where I start. So many great ideas. Thank you

    Regards =8^}

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