I have had a blog since 2008 and it now has over 800 posts.  I’ve cherry picked the best pieces on this page:

Scenery & Dioramas

Rainy Day Diorama

This was my most popular video of 2020 and isn’t as creepy as the thumbnail picture suggests.  I played with showing rain and lighting buildings.


Kino Diorama

This was a 1/35 scale kit by Doug Foscale from his Diorama Blitz range.

Tomb Raider

I started playing Tomb Raider back when Tomb Raider 2 was new.  I loved the reboot and it was an excuse to build a lava filled chamber… with Lara hopping from stepping stone to stepping stone.

Latest Scenery & Diorama posts

Model Rail

New Haven Layout

This is my Treadwell diorama. I originally planned it in 2012 and built to this stage in December 2014 through to January 2015.  You can see the progress here.
I am planning to finish it in 2021! 

2016 layout

My New Haven Layout is triple deck in a 12′ square room.  Whilst the layout is based on the New Haven, it is not one specific location in New England.  I am still not set on an era and may have 3 main dates. My problem is wanting steam and diesel plus I do like some of the later diesels…. There’s a port, city, steam servicing yard and an upper valley branch.

Whilst I started this layout in 2009, no one area is complete and progress has been slow!

My layout includes a number of dioramas:

A South River Model Works kit and I took the opportunity to visit the real location when I was in the area.  
You can see the build blog posts here.

Treadwell and Ware

A fun Fos Scale model – a bikini car wash – which will fit into my city scene on the layout.

Another South River Model Works kit – well, two of them, Treadwell and Ware Knitters.

Memories of the Lake District

I used to go walking in the Lake District every February.  It’s a lovely time of year to visit with sometimes breathtaking scenery and fewer visitors.  This is a diorama to remind me of those wonderful holidays.  The railway is purely fictional but the Ravenglass and Eskdale is worth a trip.

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The Mandalorian

This has been one of my favourite models to build.  I love the Mandalorian TV show and, with the Clone Wars, it has made Star Wars one of my favourite shows.  Expect to see more Star Wars!

Halo is one of my all time favourite games so it’s no surprise that I’ve made a few models…

Transformers are awesome and here’s one of my dioramas based on the Takoma Tomy kits.

Mini Spaceman

I made three Mini Spaceman dioramas for the Massive Voodoo Challenge.

Latest Sci-Fi posts