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Kino Diorama

This was a 1/35 scale kit by Doug Foscale from his Diorama Blitz range.

Model Rail

New Haven Layout

2016 layout

My New Haven Layout is triple deck in a 12′ square room.  Whilst the layout is based on the New Haven, it is not one specific location in New England.  I am still not set on an era and may have 3 main dates. My problem is wanting steam and diesel plus I do like some of the later diesels…. There’s a port, city, steam servicing yard and an upper valley branch.

Whilst I started this layout in 2009, no one area is complete and progress has been slow!

My layout includes a number of dioramas:

A South River Model Works kit and I took the opportunity to visit the real location when I was in the area.

A fun Fos Scale model – a bikini car wash – which will fit into my city scene on the layout.

Treadwell and Ware

Another South River Model Works kit – well, two of them, Threadwell and Ware Knitters.

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Halo is one of my all time favourite games so it’s no surprise that I’ve made a few models…

Transformers are awesome and here’s one of my dioramas based on the Takoma Tomy kits.

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