8th day of Christmas: Lex Parker

Over the summer I was lucky enough to visit Lex Parker’s layout outside Toronto. What a treat!

He models the Denver and Rio Grande in On3 and you can read all about it on his website.

He has an amazing layout with great detail and beautiful scenery.  I got a little carried away with the photos…


  1. A real masterpiece of a railroad. I hope to make it to Canada to see this in person. Definitely not too many pictures…. more! More!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ron Klaiss
    Mine Mount & Seaside RR HO/HOn3

  2. Great pictures of Lex’s layout — they really do it justice Kathy. I am lucky enough to live only 20 minutes from his house, so I get to see his progress every fall when the layout is open to the public. Lex is an incredibly talented modeller — the hobby is lucky to have him!!

  3. I have been following him for a wile he is a modeller I aspire to, I hope to use some of his techniques on backgrounds when I get to that stage on my layout.

  4. The other YouTube Chanel I follow for background painting is Chris Lyon in Canada https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLooCgu3lwlGd6HjZBG-rfJ-DxTwc5Kvnp&v=YYiOvCe6iLw
    I think I will aim for somewhere between them time will tell weather I get there.

  5. Hi Kathy…an inspirational layout for sure…been there twice on layout tours and it was hard to move on to the next… you sure got some great photos also…Happy New Years…George Dutka

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