Thoughts on Time

I don’t know about you but my life seems very busy!

At the beginning of the year I set myself some goals, partly around what I would model for my YouTube videos and partly around what else I needed to do. In 2022 I’m running the NMRA National Convention in the UK and my layout may need to be open. That occasionally sends me into paroxysms of panic!

So here’s the list I made in December last year:


Remaining water
Remaining Grass
Creamery Mock Up


Background Hills
Air Conditioning
Stock back on

Frankly, I’m over half way through the year and I’ve only done one or two of the items.  Maybe the list was a bit of an ask but I still haven’t touched any of the non-video items and I’ve only done two of the video items!

I work as a contractor in Finance and I’d normally arrange to have a couple of months off between contracts. This year, I’ve worked all year and my only time off is when I’m not in the country. That’s seriously dented my available time.

Going on holiday for two and a half weeks made me realise just how much time my videos take up. It’s not just the modelling but the photos, video editing, blog posts etc. They all add up to more time than the modelling. Some weekends, I do nothing but edit video.

I’ve found myself saying, I can’t go to that exhibition because I don’t have time. I can’t do my garden, go out etc as I have a video schedule. Going on holiday was the real crunch as I needed to get about 6 videos ahead of where I was as you use one up every week.

What’s worse is that I feel that the quality of the videos is beginning to suffer as I don’t have time to redo things if they go wrong (which they do!).

Hmm, I’m not sure life should be like that!

At the end of the day, the videos are more stressful than my job as a head of department. They don’t pay (yes, before someone comments, YouTube gives me some small amount but I am way in the red just on video equipment; it will take years to get out of that hole).

I would like to do some modelling for fun – it is a hobby after all!

So after much thinking, I’ve decided to drop my number of YouTube videos. I’m thinking once every two weeks instead of one a week for now but we’ll see how life plays out.  If I can get a decent amount ahead, I may add some more in.  I may find other avenues!

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