NMRA Orlando 17 – Layout Tours

NMRA Orlando 17 – Layout Tours

This is a selection of the tours that I went on in Orlando:

  • Jemez & Rio Grande by Jim Gore, MMR
  • Sundance Central
  • Muskrat Ramble
  • Silverton Central by Jon Addison
  • West Virginia Northern by Gail Komar, MMR
  • Virginia South Western by John Wilkes, MMR
  • Pittsburgh & West Virginia and Union RR by Tom Wilson


  1. The video was excellent as usual. Very stable. Only wished you’d defined what scale for all the layouts shown. I’m certain some weren’t smaller scales; too much great details in figures. Thanks for the video again. As you know, you can often get to understand who someone is by what they choose to photograph, in the real world or modeling. Very interesting.

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