OO9 or SM32?

So I’ve been wondering about my slate quarry 8” and then maybe a small layout….

… I’ve been lusting after photos of Dinorwic, buying books and reading build threads such as this one…

… so I bought some really beautiful Shapeways’ castings.

They are beautiful:

Really, really beautiful and as I feared, really small.

So now I’m wondering about really being able to get into the detail.  How about the opposite extreme – 16mm!

What do you think?  I love scenery and OO9 packs that in but I also love details and you won’t struggle to see them in a large scale.





  1. Shapeway´s really got some amazing stuff! 🙂

  2. Hello Kathy,
    If I understand the dilemma, it’s a choice of scale? Why choose? Why not both? A small layout with the scenery you love and highly detailed dioramas in the larger scale to show the details you cannot obtain in the smaller scale.

  3. fun but I’d imagine SM32 would cost big $$ bucks. or in your case big ££ ! 😉 either way will love to see how you make out…esp. as your layout is going mining with possible mixed gauges in New England? I too have been researching the Lime mining efforts in the Berkshire Mountains from NY and Connecticut up through Mass. to the Vermont line back in the day for my ON30 project. keep me posted?

    • It is big bucks but you don’t need as much. One loco and a few wagons are enough for the kind of layout I can fit in. In HO, a Rapido RDC is the same price more or less as a Slaters’ Quarry Hunslet kit.

      It’s going to be a Welsh slate mine. As I’m half Welsh, it would be wrong to do any other sort!


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