Rethinking Priorities

I thought I’d better explain why I’ve been dropping the number of videos recently.

I’ve been doing my YouTube channel for around two and a half years and I suspect very few people realise how much time it takes. I spend almost all my weekends either doing videos or editing them and it’s gotten to the stage where I do little else. I can cope most of the time but weekends away are a nightmare as I not only miss doing the videoing, I also need to get one ahead.  I’d dropped down to a video every other week but picked up my MRVP series so was still very busy.

That came to a crunch over Christmas when I had to do a video almost every day in my week off because I was going away for three weeks. I had a wonderful three weeks in Vietnam and Hong Kong but was dreading coming back to the video production mill.

It’s worth saying that I do love doing videos but not the pressure of trying to meet a daunting schedule on top of a full working week.  I also have other things I need to do at weekends!

As a result, I’ve decided that this is a hobby so I will be dropping the frequency. I’ll try and do a video a month but won’t pressure myself if I don’t. Since I’ve adopted that approach, I’ve actually hung some pictures I’ve been meaning to do for over 2 years and taken some Saturday afternoon time to go out with the family!

I’ll do a few more non-video blog posts to fill the gap and widen out what I do.

In that vein, this is a taster of what’s coming up this week on my YouTube channel.  Wow, it looks bright and I can’t wait to weather it down a bit!

I’m looking forward to having time to play again as well as work on my videos!

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