3D Printing Iron Man – Part 2

I’ve finished off the sanding on Iron Man and getting his various body parts to fit:

I successfully drilled out the eyes using a hand vise and my normal drill with 1.2mm drill bits:

I have to admit I have failed at the lighting though.

Despite managing to successfully solder tiny LEDS….

They just weren’t bright enough.

So I ordered some cool white bigger LEDs and put him together – his left arm won’t stay on but isn’t he cool!

Tools and Materials

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  1. Nice, hate to ask but are you going to do his heart in the middle of his chest , with an LED?
    If a not an idea just throw that out the window then, as I said nothing about that. LOL

    Just watched him last night the one with Ultron, seen that about 5 times.

    • I’ve just watched age of Ultron too. It’s a classic.

      There are channels for an LED in the chest as well as the head. I just need those brighter ones as the blue was the wrong colour and not bright enough.


  2. Sweet job on it so far though, you sure do learn fast.

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