Precision Ice and Snow

Precision Ice and Snow

We’re kicking off a series on modelling snow and ice.  Last time we built the mini dioramas that I am using as test pieces (check the video out here).  This week we’re starting with a look at the Precision Ice and Snow snow base set.  It’s also branded Krycell if you are looking out for it:

The Final Result

I’ve been blown away by the results you can get really quickly and in a variety of scales.  This is the first product I’ve tested but I’m really impressed so far.


The Amazon links are all items I have either bought or bought something similar for myself. Clicking on any links to Amazon will give me a small affiliate income which I use to produce more videos. Every little helps!

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  1. Great job as always, Katherine.
    So what do you think the powder is?

  2. Jeff

    No idea!

    Powders are not my speciality…


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